Starlite Traffic Cone


Starlite Traffic Cone


The Starlite is a heavy Chapter 8 compliant traffic cone from Melba Swintex, which features a prismatic sleeve and is made from 2 parts.

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  • Type: Traffic Cone
  • Brand: Melba Swintex
  • Standards: Chapter 8 / BSEN13422

The Starlite from Melba Swintex is a heavy weight traffic cone available in two sizes 750mm and 1000mm or 1 metre. Each cone comes with a prismatic reflective sleeve, making it highly visible to motorists. And is made from two parts, a blow moulded top and a weighted PVC base.

Starlite Traffic Cone Features

  • A blow moulded plastic top with easy grip crown.
  • Coloured top is made from Polyethylene plastic.
  • Features a prismatic reflective sleeve for increased visibility.
  • Weighted recyclable base has anti-slip features.
  • Base is also made from PVC and is thus recyclable.

For the reasons above, it’s a perfect traffic cone for traffic management and utility companies. Chapter 8 compliant, it is legal to use on roads and with the prismatic sleeve highly visible. And with the easy grip crown, it’s fast and easy to deploy.

Traffic cones are by nature of their shape, easy to stack and compact to transport. And because of their heavy weight base, they have great wind resistance.

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