Starlite Traffic Cone


Starlite Traffic Cone


The 2-part Starlite Traffic Cone is Chapter 8 compliant for pedestrian & vehicle control and comes with a prismatic sleeve.


  • Type: Traffic Cone
  • Size: 750mm High
  • Delivery: 5-7 Days
  • Brand: Melba Swintex
  • Standards: Chapter 8 / BSEN13422

The Starlite Traffic Cone is a light weight cone available in a convenient size of 750mm high. As a result of its bright colour and prismatic sleeve, it is highly-visible to both drivers and pedestrians. And while it’s capable of withstanding glancing blows, it will move & collapse on vehicle impact.

In brief, this Chapter-8 compliant traffic cone is ideal for cordoning off areas or to delineate a traffic lane. Because its made from 2 parts, an orange plastic top and a weighted base it has good wind resistance. Even the type of cone type increases its safety and affordability.

Starlite Traffic Cone Features

  • 2-Part Traffic Cone.
  • Moulded Polyethylene Top with Easy Grip Crown.
  • 40mm Top Hole Mount.
  • Coloured Orange for Increased Visibility.
  • Road Legal Retroreflective Prismatic Sleeve.
  • Comes with a Recycled PVC Base.
  • Base is Weighted with Anti-Slip Features.
  • Compact Stacking for Storage & Transport.

With its rounded shape & weighted base it does well in windy conditions. And with extra ballast like sandbags, its wind resistance and stability only increases. Because of the easy grip crown, it’s fast and easy to deploy wherever you need. While after use it can be stacked on top of each other, delivering compact storage that’s easy to transport.

The Melba Swintex Starlite range

Additional information

Weight4.1 kg
Dimensions432 × 432 × 750 mm

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Melba Swintex

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