SafeKerb Ramp


SafeKerb Ramp


The SafeKerb Ramp from Oxford Plastics, provides safe access onto and off raised kerbs for pedestrians, wheelchairs and even pushchairs.

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  • SKU/Part No: tme025-safekerb
  • Type: Kerb Ramp
  • Brand: Oxford Plastics
  • Standards: Wheelchair Boarding Ramp Specification / Safety at Street Works / Disability Discrimination Act

The SafeKerb Ramp from Oxford Plastics is a lightweight kerb ramp designed to provide sloped access up road-side kerbs. Each brightly coloured kerb ramp comes with an anti-slip surface to reduce slipping and raised edges to guide travel along it. When bolted or pinned into place, it can handle direct weight up to 250kg or provide secure access to wheelchair users.

SafeKerb Ramp Features

  • Suitable for kerbs from 60 to 160 mm high.
  • Handles direct weight of up to 250kg.
  • Designed to be pinned into position for standards compliance.
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials.
  • Bright yellow colour for increased visibility.
  • Features slightly raised edges and an anti-slip surface.

For the reasons listed above, it’s a perfect kerb ramp for construction, road and utility works. With its bright yellow colouring, it’s highly visible to both motorists and pedestrians. And it provides an excellent level of strength versus its weight.

Multiple ramps can be used to provide a route up and down kerbs, helping to create a safe and accessible path around any works area. Because the robust plastic ramp has a ribbed framework for added strength, its more than capable of handling pedestrians and wheelchairs. And finally, it’s light enough so one person can deploy it safely on-site.

SafeKerb Ramp from Oxford Plastics

Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions1265 × 747 × 112 mm
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