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Our Ridden Horses Sign For Posts is made with Grade RA2 reflective on a composite plate and comes fitted with 2 rear rails. Fixings not included.

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  • Type: Warning Sign
  • Sizes: 450mm /600mm / 750mm / 900mm Wide
  • Fixings: 2 Rear Rails
  • Brand: Tennants UK
  • Standards: RA2 Reflectivity / BS EN 12899-1:2007

Our Ridden Horses Sign for Posts is made with Grade RA2 reflective on composite plate. Since our warning signs are all made in-house, we guarantee it’s standards compliant. And it comes with 2 rear channel rails, so it’s ready to fix to a sign post.

In brief, this road-legal traffic sign warns drivers to beware that horses may be walked or ridden in the road ahead. With a black pictogram on a white background and a red outer edge, the colours really contrast. While the high-intensity sign face reflects more light back towards drivers.

Note: Mounting clips and posts can be found in our permanent sign accessories, with 2 fixings required per sign.

Ridden Horses Sign for Posts Features

  • Has the MoT Ridden Horses sign diagram – 550.1
  • Reflective sign conforms with Class RA2 standards.
  • Made using Oralite 5810 High Intensity Grade Reflective – CE Certified.
  • Sign face is mounted onto a 3mm Aluminium Composite Plate.
  • Comes with two rear channel rails for mounting onto posts.
  • HiP Reflective and Composite Plate provides 10-year durability.

All our permanent signs are made to exacting standards under ISO 9001: 2015 and in accordance with NHSS 9A. Which gives you the best possible quality and good value for money. Furthermore the design and size of this sign conforms to regulations and is in accordance with BS EN 12899-1:2007.

High Quality Sign Face

Oralite 5810 High-Intensity Reflective Traffic Signs

Our warning signs are made using Oralite 5810 High-Intensity Grade Reflective from Orafol. And since Orafol are one of the worlds largest suppliers of retroreflective materials, so you can be assured they conform with all regulations.

Durable Composite Plate

Some aluminium composite plates used for traffic signs
We use an aluminium composite substrate for our permanent traffic signs because it’s lightweight, durable and rust resistant. And it is perfect for mounting our class-2 reflective sign faces onto.

Designed for Posts

Triangular Sign with rear channel rails for sign posts
Finally, this sign comes with 2 rails fixed to the back of the sign, so it’s ready for mounting. When fixing it to a sign post you will need 2 clips or banding and clamps, one for the top and bottom rail.

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