OxfordWall Barrier


The OxfordWall Barrier is a traffic separator made from moulded plastic which stacks efficiently and rotates to create bends.

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  • Type: Traffic Separator
  • Size: 1.1m long x 0.6m high
  • Delivery: 1-2 Weeks
  • Brand: Oxford Plastics
  • Features: Connector that Stacks & Swivels

The OxfordWall Barrier is a temporary traffic separator made from moulded plastic. As a result of its clever shape, you can rotate it to create bends or to box off an area. Then there’s the choice of colour, red or white, which when alternated draws attention and increases visibility.

In brief, this water filled barrier is perfect for cordoning off an area or to delineate a traffic lane. Especially since its innovative connector means it can go around corners or form circles. And of course its end hook connectivity helps with fast deployment, with one barrier simply slotting onto the next.

OxfordWall Barrier Features

  • Innovative Traffic Barrier.
  • Fill with Sand or Water for Ballast.
  • Moulded Plastic Body for Extra Strength.
  • Simple End Hook for Inter-barrier Connectivity.
  • Rotates Around Connection Point for Bends.
  • Stacks with 18 Barriers Per Pallet.

Because of its compact size it does well in windy conditions. And when filled with water its wind resistance and stability only increases. After use the it can be easily drained and stacked on top of each other, after emptying it weighs just 6kg. Usually up to 18 barriers will fit onto a pallet for transport or storage.

OxfordWall Barriers forming a roundabout

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions1100 × 395 × 600 mm

Oxford Plastics


Traffic Separators

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