MPL Traffic Cone


The 500mm MPL Traffic Cone is a cost-effective Chapter 8 cone for pedestrian & vehicle control with a reflective sleeve.

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  • Type: Traffic Cone
  • Size: 500mm High
  • Delivery: 5-7 Days
  • Brand: Melba Swintex
  • Standards: Chapter 8 / BSEN13422

The MPL Traffic Cone is a light-weight 1-part cone available in a popular size of 500mm high. As a result of its prismatic sleeve, it is highly-visible and suitable for roads with speed limits below 50mph. And while it’s capable of withstanding the buffeting from vehicles, it will still safely deform on impact.

In brief, this Chapter-8 compliant traffic cone is ideal for cordoning off a works area or directing traffic. Because its made from just one part, it pretty robust with good wind resistance. Additionally the single piece construction lends it self to low maintenance, with just a quick wipe down and its clean.

MPL Traffic Cone Features

  • Light-Weight Traffic Cone.
  • Orange Top with Easy Grip Crown.
  • 35mm Top Hole Mount.
  • Coloured Orange for Increased Visibility.
  • Prismatic Starlux Sleeve conforms to BSEN13422.
  • Comes with an Integrated Base.
  • Made from Recycled Thermoplastic.
  • Compact Stacking for Storage & Transport.

With its rounded shape & base it does ok in windy conditions. And with extra ballast like sandbags, its wind resistance and stability only increases. Because of the uppers top grip, it’s fast and easy to deploy on location. While after use it can be stacked on top of each other, delivering compact storage that’s easy to transport.


Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions300 × 300 × 500 mm

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