GloPost Bollard


The GloPost Bollard is a temporary delineator which comes complete with retroreflective sleeve and UniBase with Glue Pad.

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  • Type: Fixed Temporary Bollard
  • Bollard Size: 1m or 0.75m High
  • Delivery: 7-10 Days
  • Brand: JSP Safety
  • Features: BS873 Sleeve, UniBase & Glue Pad

The GloPost Bollard is a standalone delineator made from moulded plastic. As a result of its bright colour and reflective sleeve, it is highly-visible to both drivers and pedestrians. And while capable of withstanding glancing blows, it safely deforms on vehicle impact.

In brief, this plastic bollard is ideal for cordoning off areas or to delineate a traffic lane. Because of the retroreflective sleeve it is road legal, while the twist-lock base fits metal cats-eye sockets. Even the choice of bollard size increases its flexibility of use.

GloPost Bollard Features

  • Fixed Temporary Bollard.
  • Moulded Plastic Cylinder for Strength & Durability.
  • Road Legal Retroreflective Sleeve – Conforms to BS873.
  • Twist-Lock Fitting for Base or Cats-Eye.
  • Comes with a PVC UniBase.
  • Base can be Bolted or Glued Down.
  • Bollard comes with a Bitumen Glue Pad.

Because it’s compact with a base which is fixed down, it does extremely well in windy conditions. Yet it’s compact size results in an individual footprint of just 275mm each. And although it serves much the same purpose as a traffic cone, it can be installed & left for much longer periods of time.

GloPost Bollards from JSP

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