5 Direction Arrow Floor Stickers


5 Direction Arrow Floor Stickers


These Direction Arrow Floor Stickers are self-adhesive floor stickers printed with a big direction arrow and come in packs of 5.


  • Type: Self Adhesive Floor Sticker
  • Size: 300mm Diameter
  • Design: Black Arrow on Yellow Disc
  • Contents: Pack of 5 Stickers
  • Brand: Tennants UK
  • Material: Floor Grade Vinyl with Non-Slip Overlay

Our Direction Arrow Floor Stickers, are round vinyl stickers printed with a large black arrow. For the sake of safety it has a non-slip finish, so you can apply it in any area with footfall. And with a black pictogram on a yellow background, the colours really contrast and stand out. Moreover as a result of being sold in packs, they’re great value for money.

In brief, this sticker is an ideal way to direct visitors around your premises while keeping a safe distance. Or when placed at regular intervals to encourage footfall to follow your one-way system. In particular the bright colour really attracts the attention of the viewer.

Yellow Direction Arrow Floor Stickers

  • Comes in a Pack of 5 Roundels.
  • Designed for Floors.
  • Sticks to Walls & Glass.
  • Made using Oralite Premium Floor Grade Vinyl.
  • Finished with Oraguard 250AS Non-Slip Laminate.
  • Has a High-Tack Self-Adhesive Coating.

All our stickers are printed in-house, in vibrant colour onto a high quality Oralite floor vinyl. And have a high tack, self-adhesive coating on the bottom. Of course the self-adhesive is so good, it can be applied to any mostly flat surface, like painted or carpeted floors. Once you have finished with it, simply pull the sticker up and only trace residue should be left behind. But after first application, please wait a few hours for the adhesive to set before damp wiping.

Note: Dust, clean and dry surface before application for best results – Quick Sticker Guide Here.


Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions300 × 300 mm

Tennants UK

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