Desk Counter Sneeze Guard


Desk Counter Sneeze Guard

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The Desk Counter Sneeze Guard is a clear barrier with & without a cutout hatch, which acts to prevent the spread of germs from coughs and sneezes.

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  • Type: Sneeze Guard
  • Size: 700x800mm with Hatch / 850x500mm without Hatch
  • BrandTennants UK
  • Construction: 3mm Clear Acylic – Impact modified

The Desk Counter Sneeze Guard from Tennants UK is a lightweight clear barrier available in two sizes. Each 700mm guard comes with a pre-cut service hatch, large enough for documents & payment devices. The 850mm guard has no hatch and is designed for dividing desks and counters. Sent flat-packed, it is made from multiple parts that require quick assembly, a main panel and 2 slot on feet.

Note: Sneeze Guards have a £10 delivery surcharge per order due to pack & shipping requirements.

Desk Counter Sneeze Guard Features

  • Lightweight and easy to deploy where needed.
  • Made from impact modified 3mm clear acrylic.
  • Easy to wipe-down and sanitise on a regular basis.
  • 700mm guard features a central pre-cutout service hatch.
  • Longer 850mm guard for dividing desks.

For the reasons listed above, it’s perfect for use just about anywhere. The simple design allows it to act as a basic safety barrier, helping to prevent the spread of germs from coughs and sneezes. While its clear construction, permits easy communication with customers and between colleagues.

Its modular nature makes them easy to break down for cleaning and sanitising. And because of their 90° angled feet, they come with good overall stability.

Desk Counter Sneeze Guard showing the hatch

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