The ConiLamp is a LED warning lamp from Nissen, with a continuous lighting mode and a choice of 2 lamp colours.

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  • Type: Warning Lamp
  • BrandNissen
  • Standards: BS3143 /  EN12352

The ConiLamp from Nissen is a single sided warning lamp available in two colours, amber and magenta. Each lamp features a large LED light with a continuous lighting mode. Plus the lamp comes with an integrated traffic cone mount, so it’s easy to deploy on site.

ConiLamp Features

  • 1-sided hazard warning lamp.
  • Choice of 2 lamp colours.
  • Lamp head is a large 186mm.
  • Long life LED light.
  • Comes with an integrated cone mount.
  • Includes automatic mounted detection.
  • Battery compartment opens without a key.
  • Lamp has a 300 hour 6v battery life.
  • Features a robust construction for durability.

For the reasons listed above, it’s a perfect hazard warning lamp for traffic management and road works. With the large head, it’s highly visible to both motorists and pedestrians. And the key-free battery compartment provides quick access when on-site.

Low maintenance, it’s robust and cleaned by wiping with a mild detergent to preserve performance. Behind the lamp and battery compartment is a cone mounting ring. Which features a automatic detection system, turning the lamp on when mounted. And finally, you should note this lamp does not come with a battery – get a compatible 6v Battery here.

A Amber ConiLamp from Nissen

Additional information

Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions220 × 195 × 285 mm
Warning Lamps

Continuous Lamp



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