ConiLamp Warning Lamp


The ConiLamp is a continuous LED warning lamp in 2 colours which mounts onto a round traffic or safety cone.

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  • Type: Warning Lamp
  • Options: Amber or Magenta Light
  • Delivery: 5-7 Days
  • BrandNissen
  • Standards: Chapter 8 / BS EN 12352:2000 / BS3143

The ConiLamp is a single sided hazard warning lamp available in two colours, amber and magenta. As a result of its large LED head, it is highly-visible with a strong continuous light. And it comes with an integrated cone mount, so you simply slot it onto any round traffic or safety cone.

All in all, this warning lamp is great for use around any works area or for traffic management. Because its battery compartment is key-free, access is quick and simple. Additionally the mount features an automatic switch, activating the lamp when pushed onto a cone. But a built-in solar switch ensures its battery life isn’t wasted during daylight.

ConiLamp Warning Lamp Features

  • Continuous Hazard Warning Lamp.
  • Choice of 2 Light Colours – Amber or Magenta.
  • Single Sided LED Lamp Head.
  • Comes with Integrated Cone Mount.
  • Mount has an Automatic Activation Switch.
  • Battery Compartment is Key Free.
  • Compatible with 6v Batteries.
  • Premium 800 Batteries offer 300-hour Operation.
  • Robust Construction for Increased Durability.

Low maintenance, it’s a robust unit built to withstand harsh operational conditions. Moreover a wipe down with a mild detergent will preserve its performance level. The battery compartment is located behind the LED head and accessed from below. But note: this lamp does not come with a battery – get a compatible 6v Battery here.

A Amber ConiLamp from Nissen

Additional information

Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions220 × 195 × 285 mm
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