Bollard Glue Pad x10

Bollard Glue Pad x10


The Bollard Glue Pad offers a quick way to install a temporary bollard without having to drill & bolt and comes in packs of 10.

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  • Type: Bollard Glue
  • Size: 275mm in Diameter
  • Pack Size: 10 Pads
  • Delivery: 5-7 Days
  • Brand: Melba Swintex & JSP Safety
  • Compatibility: Suitable for most Delineators or Posts

The Bollard Glue Pad is an adhesive mat made from black bitumen. As a result, it offers you a quick way to install bollards without having to drill & use bolts. And because of its colour and material, it will blend in with most tarmac or road surfaces.

In brief, this pad is ideal for quickly fixing a temporary bollard into position. In addition,  the only tool you need is a standard gas torch. And once its been removed it leaves no drilled holes behind to be filled in the road surface.

Note: This item comes in packs of 10 and we use 2 brands.

Bollard Glue Pad Features

  • Adhesive Bollard Glue Pad.
  • Made from Black Bitumen.
  • No Drilling & Bolts Required.
  • Matches Most Base Sizes.
  • Faces are Protected by Backing Paper.
  • Activated using a Gas Torch.
  • Removed by Re-Heating Surface.

Using the glue pad is simple and fast, first sweep the area clean and mark out a location. Next, heat-up the road surface with a gas torch, remove a cover from the pad and press it down into place. Then peel off the top cover and heat up the pad, melting the bitumen. Finally while it is still soft, press the bollard base down into the hot bitumen. Once it has cooled and set, the pad is firmly bonded into place.

Adhesive Bollard Glue Pad

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions275 × 275 × 2 mm

Bollard Glue


JSP Safety, Melba Swintex

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