Banding with Jubilee Clip


This Banding with Jubilee Clip works with the universal channel clamp to fit signs with rear rails to sign posts. Channel clamp not included.

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  • Type: Permanent Sign Accessory
  • Material: Stainless Steel Banding
  • Size: 610mm & 915mm Lengths
  • BrandTennants UK
  • Features: Gripping Slots & Jubilee Clip.

This Banding with Jubilee Clip is made to work with our Universal Channel Clamp to fix signs to posts. The banding coil is also made from stainless steel, for the durability and rust-resistance. And it has cut out slots along its length, which help the clip grip when fastening. We offer sign banding in 2 lengths of 610mm and 915mm for larger installations.

Note: Banding & Clip only – channel clamp not included.

Made for the Universal Channel Clamp

First, slide the universal clamp into the channel slot on the signs rear rails. Second, pull the banding coil out of the clip and feed the end through the saddles slots. Next wrap the banding around the sign post and push its end back into the jubilee clip. Because our signs come with twin rails, it is easier to do both top & bottom fixings at the same time.
Channel Clamp and Banding for Sign Posts

All our banding comes with a locking jubilee clip. Once you have hand tightened the banding around the post, slide the clip so it’s accessible. Now simply push the clip down and lock it into place. Finally, as you tighten up the clip the screw thread pulls the banding tighter until locked.

Jubilee Clip with Tightening Screw

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