Anti-rotational D-Clip for Signs


This Anti-rotational D-Clip for Signs is used to fit signs with rear rails to a post and prevent it moving once installed. Fits 76mm sign posts.

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  • Type: Permanent Sign Accessory
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • BrandTennants UK
  • Features: Clip and Bolt Fastenings.

This Anti-rotational D-Clip for Signs is perfect for our range of posts and signs with rear rails. Made from stainless steel, the shaped foot and bolt head fits into the channel slot. Each D-Clip comes with a steel nut, washer and bolt, the square headed bolt is perfectly sized for sign rails.

Note: Sized for use on 76mm Posts.

Anti-rotational D-Clip for Signs & Galvanised Posts

To install a sign on a post using D-Clips, simply push the shaped foot into the channel’s slot, turn sideways and place it around the pole. Next slide the bolt head into the channel, thread through the clips hole and then tighten it up.

Anti-rotational D-Clip for Signs Fitted to Posts

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Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions125 × 76 × 20 mm

Tennants UK

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