76mm Galvanised Sign Post



This 76mm Galvanised Sign Post is the most common size used for permanent signs and available in 5 different lengths.

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  • Type: Permanent Sign Accessory
  • Size: 76mm Diameter Metal Pole
  • Lengths: 1.5m / 2m / 3m / 3.6m
  • Brand: Tennants UK
  • Finish: Hot-dip Galvanised
  • Standards: CE Marking / BS EN 12899-1:2007

Our 76mm Galvanised Sign Post is the most common type of post used for displaying permanent signs. Each 3mm steel post comes with a hot-dip galvanised finish which offers up to 25 years durability. When mounting a sign on it you will need to use 2 clips or clamps per sign.

76mm Galvanised Sign Post Installation & Accessories

To install the post properly for use with signs, you’ll need to set it in concrete with the base positioned under ground level.

First you will need to to fit a base plate to the pole and then place it within a excavated hole. Secondly, you should align it vertically using ballast before filling the hole with concrete and allow to dry. Finally, we recommend using a cap to prevent water and debris ingress into the pole.

Base Plate

Sign Base Plate with Fastenings
The Base Plate is used to create a stable platform for the post and prevent it being easily removed once fitted. In brief, the base fits onto the bottom of the pole via a welded clip and fastening. Once placed into a hole and surround by set concrete, the post and base become very sturdy.

End Cap

Sign Post and End Cap
Next up are our Plastic End Caps, which fit internally onto the end of a pole. And once fitted it leaves just a small edge showing, which means more room for clips. Because our caps are made from pliable plastic with ridges, you’ll find they push in easily and grip the side walls of the pole. Now you are ready to attach your sign.

Anti-Rotational D-Clips

Anti Rotational D-Clip for Fitting Signs
We offer two types of fixing for permanent signs with rear rails. First up is the affordable Anti-Rotational D-Clips. In brief, this rigid clip is made from stainless steel making it durable and perfect for mounting signs onto poles. Simply push the shaped foot into the channel’s slot and place around the pole. Next slide the bolt into the channel, thread through the clips hole and tighten.

Channel Clamp & Banding with Jubilee Clip

Channel Clamp and Banding for Sign Posts
Alternately we provide the Universal Channel Clamp and Banding with Jubilee Clips. The channel clamp is slid onto the rear rails of a sign. And the banding is then fed through the clamp and placed around the sign post. Finally a jubilee clip is used to tighten the banding, both the channel clamp and banding are made from stainless steel.

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Dimensions76 × 3 mm

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