2-Way Road Stud


2-Way Road Stud


The 2-Way Road Stud is a self-adhesive temporary road stud with a reflector on both sides in a choice of colours and comes a pack of 20.

Just Pick a Reflector Colour.

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  • Type: Temporary Road Stud
  • Features: Dual Coloured Reflectors
  • Options: 4 Reflector Colours
  • Quantity: Box of 20 Studs
  • Size: 97 x 58 x 14mm
  • Delivery: 7-10 Days
  • Standards: BSEN1463d

The 2-Way Road Stud is a self-adhesive temporary road stud with a reflective panel on both sides. Each road stud comes with a choice of reflector colour. Which colour you need will depend on where it’s used. Plus the stud comes with a Hot Melt pad, already fixed to its bottom for quick deployment on site.

Note: This item comes in packs of 20 and A 1-week plus lead-time.

2-Way Road Stud Features

  • 20 Dual sided temporary road studs.
  • Choice of 4 reflective strip colours.
  • Reflector made from prismatic materials.
  • Fluorescent body for maximum day and night visibility.
  • All weather durability.
  • Includes a Hot-Melt adhesive pad.
  • Tested and certificated to BSEN1463.

Colour Usage

When used on private roads or car parks, you will likely only need white reflectors. However, on public highways the use of different stud colours is tightly regulated.

Green Reflectors
Use green studs on dual carriageways and motorways to indicate a slip road entrance or a lay-by.
Amber Reflectors
Use amber studs on motorways to indicate the central reservation or the inner edge of an exit ramp. Or one-way roads, use it to indicate the right-hand side of the carriageway.
Red Reflectors
Use red studs on the left-hand side of the carriageway to show a do not cross line.
White Reflectors
Use white studs on the centre line of carriageways to separate lanes.

Stud Deployment

Because the road stud comes with a self-adhesive pad, deploying it on-site is simple. The road surface needs to be flat and clear of debris, then heated with a flame gun before you press the stud into place. Residual marks may remain after removal.

A Roadcraft temporary road stud in use

Additional information

Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions97 × 58 × 14 mm
Warning Lamps

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